Too soon?

It's not even spring, but I missed the snow this winter in Toronto and was thinking wintery/holiday thoughts.

Huffington post

You don't deserve to be abused...And Other Things To Tell My Daughter.  Another illustration for Huffington Post, written by Deborah Fulsang.  This article left me feeling sad. It's heavy stuff to have to think about, not to mention having this type of discussion with my own daughter. What angers me most about the abuse that happens to women is that it's still happening!  The more we all talk about it, the more we can be vigilant and look out for one another.

Dog city

It's about time I drew some dogs. I am not fortunate enough to own a dog (my cat would literally have a hissy fit), but I am fortunate that some of my best friends have dogs that I can look at fondly (if they are particularly overzealous), or that I can pet if they allow it (the dog that is, not the owner). I've also noticed an increasing amount of dogs and dog walkers in Leslieville, which means I can get plenty of visual inspiration, so hats off and coats on to dogs!

Fairmont Hotel Cocktails

Drawing cocktails, I was in. It was an opportunity to draw some tight line drawings of drinks that Fairmont Hotels features in their drinks menu. You can find the whole menu with all the variations on my work page.