Travelling is inspiring

I love all the tall buildings in NYC. I equally love the space and community feel of Brooklyn. The people watching is so much fun. The food selections are endless in any part of town. It's a new experience every time I've been, and I can't wait to go back again!


DAY 1, March 24th, 2011

Pure Thai Shophouse, fresh ingredients and beautiful interior.


Bill Cunningham NEW YORK: a film by Richard Press, fantastic movie, my two favourite lines were "Fashion is armour to deal with everyday life" and "He who seeks beauty will find it".


La Esquina Corner Deli, delicious. Ate the PESCADO A LAS BRASAS grilled market fish, shredded cabbage, salsa verde, chipotle mayo -3.95- and the LA CASA organic baby greens, avocado, queso fresco, sesame seeds, tortilla strips, balsamic vinaigrette -6.95-


DAY 2, March 25th, 2011

A beautiful entrance at Anthropologie.


Kate Spade

 MAE MAE Cafe, 68 Vandam Street, 212-924-5109. We found this on Yelp. There is nothing else around here, except what looks like an architecture school (rows of tables with paper models of buildings) that we could see through the street level windows. We almost didn't go in because of the multi-coloured horse that stood holding the door, but we were pleasantly surprised with their delicious broccoli soup that accompanied a grilled cheese with avocado, beans and pesto panini.

Purl. Beautiful store. Beautiful fabrics and wool. Tons of inspiration.

Clic. What a clean, bright, open and organized bookstore and gallery.

Artful and funny subway graffiti.

I love this portrait of Howard Munce at The Society of Illustrators. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

DAY 3, March 26th, 2011

Went to Brooklyn, and finally made it to The Brooklyn Art Library which is home to The Art House Co-op. What an inspirational space, with one wall full of sketch books from the Sketchbook project. You can even request a look at as many sketch books as you like while you are there. LOVED IT!

Mast Brothers chocolate. Yummy.

The Future Perfect. Perfect.

This made me laugh.

Great Way to end a day at The Bedford. Ordered a beer and burger.



A nice spot to relax

I like going to Tearo. It is relaxing. It is all one level. There are many places to sit. The chocolate and sea salt cookies are delicious. And, the coffee is my favourite. While I was reading Nuvo magazine, and laughing out loud reading the article about Kevin O'Leary (dragon's den), I happened across some beautiful photos, which I turned into drawings. One was an article about the wines in France, so it was a lovely shot of one of the many valleys there, and the other was an article about what's being dubbed the crystal palace, I'd love to go there.