Alto Rental illustrations

I'm really excited to show these Alto rental illustrations and was so happy with the project from the beginning. I got the go ahead to draw whatever I wanted, bearing in mind that these needed a central figure and icons representing the neighbourhood of little portugal on Dundas St. West in Toronto.

They are being used as hoarding around the Alto Rental/Edenshaw Development site at Sheridan Avenue and Dundas St. West. I was just over there to take some pictures, and they've been 'added to' already, but so far nothing lewd, and surprise, surprise, thoughtfully implemented. You can view the unadulterated versions in my illustration work.



Objects have stories

I've finally put together some shots (sorry if I missed some! my shots were not that great) from the 'Objects have stories' show that was curated by Julia Breckenreid back in December.

My story is more of a personal sewing, crochet and bookbinding journey, which started with the creation of the doll and then expanded when I felt the need to be crafty.  At one point I thought the doll needed a sketchbook (of course!) and then a cat (of course!). The Book Art Studio handbook and 'How to make Stuffed Animals' were invaluable resources.

Represented here (in order from left to right, row by row):

Carey Sookocheff

Katy Dockrill

Steve Wilson

Jen Hseih

Jay Dart

Sandra Dionisi

Anitz Kunz

Kathryn Adams

Willow Dawson

Tracy Walker




What a QT

My friend Rosie has a beautiful flower shop in the neighbourhood, and recently started a sister business called QT flowers, delivering 'flowers to the people'. She shared her idea with me and asked if I would create illustrated flower bunches to adorn her delivery van, which appealed to all my gardening senses, so I jumped at the chance.

Here I need to thank another dear friend, Lynda Felton, for suggesting my participation in the best moving promo ever, and who inspired my own love of pretty plants with one of the loveliest gardens I set my eyes on when Jay and I moved to Leslieville 13 years ago.

I was at Quince on the weekend with the family having our picture taken with the QT van (also courtesy of Lynda!), and look forward to seeing it zip around.

Jen's Workshop

Had the pleasure to attend Jen Hseih repeat pattern workshop at Nook Collective last week. She is one of the creative partners at Sorry You're Happy, along with her husband Kyle Reed. I had the great honour to work with them last year when Jen brought my illustrations to life with her ridiculously amazing pattern making talent.

exciting news!

I'm being represented by Shelley Brown at i2i! I'm super excited to be a part of such a great team and among such talented artists!

Check out her site at: