My Etsy Shop "Good Water Studio" is OPEN!

This is a slow grow my friends, but I'm really happy my new shop, Good Water Studio, is open for business.

I'm selling prints to start, but will soon be featuring another artist, my amazing dad, who makes the most beautifully rustic and simple wooden wall hooks.

Simply put, I've felt that our combined outlooks make for such good visual conversation. Rustic meets quirky, woodsy meets colourful. Together or apart, a good flow, a good mix. 

Please visit and re-visit!

Slippin' away

Summer feels like that half way through, ah well, the weather's beautiful, my tomatoes are delicious and so far we've enjoyed some super family adventures (maybe not sleeping in a tent through a deluge, but at least we came out unscathed, drove home at 8:30am, and missed all the highways snarls).

Summer, stuff, full moons

hmmm, there's a joke in there, but really there are two (count 'em), 2, full moons this month. One of which has already passed (Canada Day, July 1st, yahoo!)

I see here my theme for the month was a bunch of keys. What was I thinking? Oh yeah, it was my year of stuff, drawing stuff, and stuff I like because of their vintage nature, or some throw back to my dad's workshop filled to the brim with stuff.

Happy venturing and I hope you find your own pile of stuff that you can call your own.