National Drapery

This amazing project, courtesy of Natalie Hartman and National Drapery,  is finally complete! It took some time to put everything together, but I'm really pleased with how it turned out. You can take a look at the finished project on my 'special projects' page, or visit the National Drapery site!

I see, you see

It's the same, almost every day, walking past the same places, people. I find it incredibly dull. To cure me of my malaise, I thought I'd start drawing my day.

Covet Garden spotlight, issue 12!

Among the beautifully shot pictures of the newest space, there are a couple tucked in that feature my daughter Maggie and my living room wall! It's really nice to see: 1) my kid in such a cute dress and scene! 2) my home looking so much more amazing than I can imagine.

Maggie (on the left) and Sophie! I really want to know what they are talking about.

My living room fireplace wall. Years ago, when my friends lived in the same house, Lynda and I had a discussion about how they could spruce up this wall. She suggested the chalkboard paint, and I completely agreed. A couple years later, when our friends switched houses with us, I dove in and painted! This particular design was inspired by Julia Rothmans 'Daydream' wallpaper.

Blooms in July

I love this time of year, when things start to show their pretty selves in my garden. I took some close-ups of (clockwise from top left): Zinnias, Stonecrop, Marigold, Wormleaf Stonecrop, Evening Primrose, another Stonecrop, QuickFire hydrangea (whose blooms will turn from white to pinky-red), the bloom on my Hens and Chicks. Enough about me, what's in your garden?



I think Toronto is heading for some steamy weather and perhaps a dry spell or two. At any rate, I hope to hop on my bike and toodle around the neighbourhood. Here are some research pictures I took for my June calendar.


Beautiful bicycle

What a great looking bicycle! Minus the green plastic seat protector, the uninspired ring post and the cigarette butts.....