It was one of the last snowy days this year, April 15th to be exact, that I had the pleasure of teaching a lettering class to a group of interested and focused young ladies. It was my hope that they all came away with a different way of creating letters, and that they will continue practising the art form.

I also realized during the class, that I should have brought some cursive practise sheets. I went home and created my own, which I'm happy to share with you. I made three pages worth, A-J, K-T, and U-Z.

Print them out and start practising!


Hand Lettering: part 3

My three part class has come to an end, which has left me a little sad. It was really nice getting together once weekly with the same crew, and sharing our ideas about lettering. This week I brought some kitchen props, and now you are asking yourself, 'kitchen props?', but the idea was to have items on hand to illustrate and letter. Someone else brought in some masking fluid, which I had forgot about, but it's such a fun way to create type in the negative, and the results are always a bit of a mystery, depending on the surface and liquid paints/inks you use.

My hope, in all, was to impart some information, have fun with letters, and inspire the want to keep lettering.

String and Cut Paper

Integrating the craft into hand lettering with glue, x-acto's, string and paper. We started this week's class with string lettering, which after attempting it for myself, felt it was the low art option of the evening (in the best possible sense of the word). We had the remainder of the class to work on cut paper, with amazing results! What a super enthusiastic class!

Super Stellar

A great class of motivated letterers! Here are some great samples of some of the work produced last night.



Just a reminder about my upcoming hand lettering class, being held at Nook! Hope to see you beginning Tuesday September 11th (and then the following 2 tuesdays).

Can't wait to explore type!

Hand lettering class update!

What a great night of brush work and discussion! The weather was ideal, the group was enthusiastic, and on top of all that, it was fun. There was a lot of experimentation with letter types, using brush and ink, with a bit of hand cut type and some twig and ink as well. All in all, I couldn't have asked for a better evening to inaugurate my teaching skills. Thank you fellow hand letterers, thank you Julia for taking pictures and thank you Nook!