Cut it out again

I cut this with an x-acto, after i drew it on the backside, and then photographed it. I think I might stick with brush and ink, but for something creative to try, it was fun.

Cut it out

Literally! I used an x-acto, after pencilling the drawing onto cardstock. I then scanned it with my black sketch book (for contrast) and re-worked the colour in photoshop.

Thick Brush

I used a #7 Sable/Synthetic brush for these letters, and then changed their colour in illustrator. I forgot to mention in the last entry, I used a pentel sign pen for the letters and then also used illustrator for the coloured backgrounds.



Just a reminder about my upcoming hand lettering class, being held at Nook! Hope to see you beginning Tuesday September 11th (and then the following 2 tuesdays).

Can't wait to explore type!

3 part hand lettering class

I'm so happy to be hosting another hand lettering class this September at nook, 156 Augusta Avenue. It will be held Tuesdays starting September 11th from 7-9pm. Hope to see you out!