Jen's Workshop

Had the pleasure to attend Jen Hseih repeat pattern workshop at Nook Collective last week. She is one of the creative partners at Sorry You're Happy, along with her husband Kyle Reed. I had the great honour to work with them last year when Jen brought my illustrations to life with her ridiculously amazing pattern making talent.

Newest screen print!

I'll be selling this two colour screenprinted bag and others this weekend at Nook! Find out more details, who will be selling and when to stop by on facebook.

In case the links above don't get you there:

Holiday art Sale

I'm getting ready for this year's holiday sale at Nook .Here's a sneak peek at this year's printed tote bag and tree acorn decorations. Hope to see you there!

DECEMBER 8th & 9th, 156 Augusta Avenue, Toronto ON M5T 2L4 (close to DUNDAS ST. W in KENSINGTON MARKET)

DIY paper decorations


In planning my daughter's homemade birthday, I saw these lovely cut circle garlands and thought I would try it at home. I needed a hole punch (check), 2 sided coloured origami paper (check), and a sewing machine (check). I was able to make 6, 4 foot long garlands, which i hung from our drapery rods. I initially wanted to hang them from the light, but I didn't make them long enough, and as I hung them up vertically, I liked the way they looked.

I used cheap and cheerful paper ribbon to hang from the chandelier, and I made a cut paper birthday card after being inspired by my class the night before when we were practising cut paper.


Awhile back, I took a printing course at OCAD, which covered everything from monoprints to lithographs. It was amazing. Of course, I don't have the patience, space or equipment for most of those techniques, and when I wanted to take another course on printmaking, I chose screenprinting and took a class at Open Studio on Richmond. Since then, I've only ever screenprinted once after that, at a friend's house, who opened up her place for a bunch of us to screenprint, using her bathtub as the wash out stand and a regular incandescant bulb to expose our screens.

I've taken a long siesta from screenprinting, and am excited to try it again in my own studio.  I'm making 1st editions printed on arches 150lb coldpress watercolour paper, of a few illustrated pieces, AND printing on cotton tote bags. These will be available soon at Nook's holiday sale, Saturday December 3rd and the following Saturday December 10th.

Just about to flood my screen.First pass of ink on screen, and I used a roll of tape to lift the edge so the ink wouldn't stick to the board.Finished flooding the screen, and ready to print on paper.The first colour printed on paper, I still have to expose a new screen for the coloured line layer.One finished printed piece. I made an edition of 9.Another print, an edition of 8.I made and printed this bag!




Interesting project

I was asked to draw on some porcelaine bowls and plates for Covet Garden's 15th issue. It's not quite like drawing with ink on paper, but the pen does allow for some interesting texture.

Covet Garden spotlight, issue 12!

Among the beautifully shot pictures of the newest space, there are a couple tucked in that feature my daughter Maggie and my living room wall! It's really nice to see: 1) my kid in such a cute dress and scene! 2) my home looking so much more amazing than I can imagine.

Maggie (on the left) and Sophie! I really want to know what they are talking about.

My living room fireplace wall. Years ago, when my friends lived in the same house, Lynda and I had a discussion about how they could spruce up this wall. She suggested the chalkboard paint, and I completely agreed. A couple years later, when our friends switched houses with us, I dove in and painted! This particular design was inspired by Julia Rothmans 'Daydream' wallpaper.