a Wednesday night sketch

While listening to the Toronto Choristers (retired teachers' choir my parents belong to), I found my mind and pen wandering in a playful way.

Victoria Day came and went

Alas, another long weekend spent cleaning, gardening, sanding, painting, eating, drinking and socializing. Good times. We'll see if Canada will be enjoying another celebration in honour of the this queen, since I saw a poll suggesting that many of us are not in favour of toasting the monarchy. 

In the West end, Toronto

Rode my bike to the west end in Toronto this week. Ended up in Dufferin Grove. Love that park. Could smell the wood stove while relaxing on a bench just watching groups of kids playing throughout.

Better late than never

The spring is done, the summer is here. How did this happen? Of course logic outweighs my question, but still.......here are some sketches from a few months past. A lovely mother's day at the Art Gallery, Maggie drawing, and a very driven squirrel in my bird feeder!

I see, you see

It's the same, almost every day, walking past the same places, people. I find it incredibly dull. To cure me of my malaise, I thought I'd start drawing my day.

A park project!


I'm working on some really fun ideas for a neighbourhood park logo. These are working copies, with no absolutes on colour, but I can't wait until they decide what works best!


It's usually this time of year I yearn for full on Air Conditioning. To beat the 40'C temperatures, Jay bought this interesting mister that hooks up to our garden hose, and mists you outside while you eat/sleep/garden/whatever. It's going to save us in our hot box of a backyard. Taking a trip to Cherry Beach and swimming in Lake Ontario is a good option too. I was there in the evening with my niece a few days back. We were cool enough just relaxing, but there were a few that braved the waters.