Love emoem (pronounced m-o-m)

I spent a nice morning a few weeks ago with the ladies who created the blog Love, Emoem, an ode really to moms (and dads!) to speak about their experiences, work and style (clearly I'm a goof on that one). They asked a lot of questions about my life and at times I found it difficult to answer because I personally found being a mom really hard, and I didn't do a very good job at juggling that with my illustration career at the time.  I vividly recall that when Maggie turned one, it was less about her and more about my unexpected feelings that I made it through. 

I'm no longer a new mom, but I'm still learning everyday, and I have my family and friends to thank for that.


A visual of my neighbourhood.

Kids' summer camps

ah, to be a little kid again and take some art classes! Hey, wait a minute....don't have to be a kid, but there is an age limit for these particular ones that I illustrated for D magazine.

My Etsy Shop "Good Water Studio" is OPEN!

This is a slow grow my friends, but I'm really happy my new shop, Good Water Studio, is open for business.

I'm selling prints to start, but will soon be featuring another artist, my amazing dad, who makes the most beautifully rustic and simple wooden wall hooks.

Simply put, I've felt that our combined outlooks make for such good visual conversation. Rustic meets quirky, woodsy meets colourful. Together or apart, a good flow, a good mix. 

Please visit and re-visit!