Objects have stories

I've finally put together some shots (sorry if I missed some! my shots were not that great) from the 'Objects have stories' show that was curated by Julia Breckenreid back in December.

My story is more of a personal sewing, crochet and bookbinding journey, which started with the creation of the doll and then expanded when I felt the need to be crafty.  At one point I thought the doll needed a sketchbook (of course!) and then a cat (of course!). The Book Art Studio handbook and 'How to make Stuffed Animals' were invaluable resources.

Represented here (in order from left to right, row by row):

Carey Sookocheff

Katy Dockrill

Steve Wilson

Jen Hseih

Jay Dart

Sandra Dionisi

Anitz Kunz

Kathryn Adams

Willow Dawson

Tracy Walker