Twenty-fifteen full moon calendar for you!

Thought I'd make a useful, printable, hang on a clipboard, full moon indication calendar, which allows you to fill in your important celebration dates! (and plan for bright night skies!)  If you are like me and need something tangible to write all your info on and which hangs in close range to your particulars, then I hope this fits the bill. It's also a big THANK YOU to you. I appreciate all the work, the emails, and thoughful notes I receive throughout the year, so THANK YOU again.

If you are wondering how I chose my illustrations, I picked drawings from my sketchbooks, drawn from things I like; old jars filled with bits (from my friend's dad's collection in Fenelon Falls), nuts from a tree near Picton, Ontario, an interesting plant, a miffed cat (I chose that image for April because it's my birthday month and it makes me laugh), caffeine in a cup (a reminder of my trip to Bobcaygeon): basically random images for a year of randomness! 

Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

ps. in case you were wondering where to find the links, click on each Enjoy! above.

pps. keep in mind this is for you only!