Awhile back, I took a printing course at OCAD, which covered everything from monoprints to lithographs. It was amazing. Of course, I don't have the patience, space or equipment for most of those techniques, and when I wanted to take another course on printmaking, I chose screenprinting and took a class at Open Studio on Richmond. Since then, I've only ever screenprinted once after that, at a friend's house, who opened up her place for a bunch of us to screenprint, using her bathtub as the wash out stand and a regular incandescant bulb to expose our screens.

I've taken a long siesta from screenprinting, and am excited to try it again in my own studio.  I'm making 1st editions printed on arches 150lb coldpress watercolour paper, of a few illustrated pieces, AND printing on cotton tote bags. These will be available soon at Nook's holiday sale, Saturday December 3rd and the following Saturday December 10th.

Just about to flood my screen.First pass of ink on screen, and I used a roll of tape to lift the edge so the ink wouldn't stick to the board.Finished flooding the screen, and ready to print on paper.The first colour printed on paper, I still have to expose a new screen for the coloured line layer.One finished printed piece. I made an edition of 9.Another print, an edition of 8.I made and printed this bag!