Listen while you work…..

Thought I’d share some podcasts that i really love. Can’t help the fact they are all CBC broadcasts, but truth be told, I really like listening to CBC for the most part, and am happy they offer so many different shows to pique my interest.

Lately i’ve been listening to and downloading (in case i miss them on the radio) Q and DNTO. Love the chit chat, interesting topics, and great guests. I used to spend my time, while working, listening only to music stations, but for whatever reason, i like having other conversations going on as i draw and think.

Lost track of Grant Lawrence’s CBC radio 3 show a few months back, but see that there’s a whole slew of new podcasts, so am anxious to have a listen. I was amazed when i first started listening, just how much amazing Canadian music was out there. I’d listen to this show anyhow, regardless of where the artists reside, because there’s some great talent and a wide variety of musical styles showcased that make this a such a good listen.