NJ Monthly

NJ Monthly, January issue is out, and so are the illustrations for the FUN FINDS story!


A visual rebrand for Chudleighs Apple Farm

I've been working with Lindan Courtemanche from Heuristic Branding for over a year, adding my linework to her vision for Chudleigh's Apple Farm. There've been drawings from apples to hot dogs (literally) to wagons that lend a playfulness to an established family grown venture. Growing up, Chudleighs was a family outing highlight, especially for a kid that grew up in the city, and it's nice to see the tradition continue. There's even more info at i2iart

Love emoem (pronounced m-o-m)

I spent a nice morning a few weeks ago with the ladies who created the blog Love, Emoem, an ode really to moms (and dads!) to speak about their experiences, work and style (clearly I'm a goof on that one). They asked a lot of questions about my life and at times I found it difficult to answer because I personally found being a mom really hard, and I didn't do a very good job at juggling that with my illustration career at the time.  I vividly recall that when Maggie turned one, it was less about her and more about my unexpected feelings that I made it through. 

I'm no longer a new mom, but I'm still learning everyday, and I have my family and friends to thank for that.