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Winter 2017 New Trail magazine
 New Trail Magazine. The 60's. Blue eyeshadow, short dresses, shoes for winter?! and BIG hair.
 New Trail Magazine. Late 80's. Who's that girl???
 New Trail Magazine. The 90's. My favourite!
 New Trail Magazine. The 70's. Denim, big collars!, And that hair!
 Cover art and inside spots for an article entitled  'FUN FINDS' . 
 FUN FINDS spot, 'thrifting'
 FUN FINDS spot, 'arcades'
 FUN FINDS spot, 'planetarium'
 FUN FIND spots, from top L, clockwise: 'cocktails, overnight battleship stay, aquarium, tubing'
 FUN FINDS spot, 'museums'
Victoria Symphony 2017/18 season
VS booklet.FINAL_Page_16.jpg
VS booklet.FINAL_Page_04b.jpg
VS booklet.FINAL_Page_21b.jpg
VS booklet.FINAL_Page_32.jpg
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