All about Alkan
  Watched  Liberal Arts  the other day, and loved this scene with  Allison Janney .
New York 2011
  I love  Maira Kalman.
  Sketched while out having a coffee with my feet up.
  Feathertale, summer 2013/ The party was going great until Darren showed up (and that bear started mauling people) / AD Lee H. Wilson
  Feathertale, summer 2013 / Warnung: Bären (they couldn't read German) / AD Lee H. Wilson
The Rite of Spring, 2 of 3
The Rite of Spring, 3 of 3
  These were the sketches that turned into a promo a few years ago.
  Kensington Market sketches, 2 of 3.
  Kensington Market sketches, 3 of 3.
   Jones library , one of my favourite places.
benches and street.jpg
The Rite of Spring, 1 of 3
sabine the other cat 2b.jpg
The Oscars
cat sketchs.jpg
  Kensington Market sketches 1 of 3.
i love cats.jpg
malicious audrey cat2b.jpg
  Swim suits.....always re-adjusting.
  Same thought about swim suits....always re-adjusting.
  hand study.
  This isn't finished yet, but I wanted to capture some of Maggie's youth before I forget.
  Maggie, June 2011
  Sketching while listening to the Toronto Choristers (a retired teachers choir in which my parents belong).
   Patricia Highsmith , novelist.
  Deserving of the naughty list.
  This illustration, and the following 5, were possible illustrations for the Covet Tote!
  Covet Garden /  Tote bag cover  / AD Lynda Felton, Jessica Reid, Rhonda Riche
  The cover for issue 5 of  Covet Garden .
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