Canadian illustrator Katy Dockrill, is an honours graduate from OCAD. Using brush and ink and Photoshop, she creates art that is both playful and reflective. Some of her clients include NJ Monthly Magazine, Chudleigh’s Apple Farms, the Victoria Symphony Orchestra, New Trail Magazine, CBC, Second Story Press and Toronto Life. She’s a nerdy, wordy, cat-loving aquaphile who’s inspired by her city within a city (Leslieville), her friends, and her family. When she isn’t drawing (or reading, lets be honest), she loves to find and fix things, drink coffee and take walks in the neighbourhood (which usually leads to finding things to fix.)


2018 SPD (The Society of Publication Designers) Merit Winner for 'Parting Words' created for Middlebury Magazine, and designed by Carey Bass.

2018 Applied Arts Magazine Illustration Annual, winner for a series of editorial work created for NJ Monthly Magazine.

2018 Communication Arts Magazine, shortlisted for pieces created for CBC and Middlebury Magazine.

2015 Grand Gold CASE District Vlll Communications Awards winner for a series of illustrations for the University of Alberta's Alumni Magazine. 

2015 Silver, Alberta Magazine Publishers Association, winner for illustrations for New Trail, Spring 2014, the University of Alberta's Alumni Magazine.

Partial Client List:

Best Health Magazine | Canadian Living | CBC |Chronicle Books | Chudleigh's Apple Farm | Diabetic Living | D Weddings | Groundwood Books | Lettering for Ecojot | LCBO | National Drapery | New Jersey Monthly | Oregon Home | OPC Register | Parents Magazine |Party Partners| Professionally Speaking | Readers' Digest | NEW !This Old House Magazine | University of Alberta, Alumni Magazine | SHE magazine